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Sarah Pyle principal wins award for digital success in the classroom

Sarah Pyle Academy website

A Wilmington principal was recently honored for her work integrating technology into personalized learning plans for students.

Sarah Pyle Academy Principal Kristina MacBury was named one of three 2018 Digital Principals of the Year by the National Association of Secondary School Principals.

Students there have personalized electronic portals where teachers can work with students and their families to achieve personal and educational goals.

MacBury said the portals encourage more family participation.

“Families have email accounts connect to those portals and where we go in and see ‘Oh you know the Williams family hasn’t engaged in the portal,’" she said. "And then we reach out in other ways, you know whether it’s a home visit or whether it’s a phone call.”

Credit Kristina MacBury

MacBury said they offered teachers training to make the most of this new way to work with students.

“We’ve also brought in personalized coaches through BetterLesson, so my teachers each have coaches to help them through their process so they can all develop on how they effectively use technology as well how they turn around that use of technology for their students,” she said.

MacBury said the technology allows teachers and students to collaborate more on assignments at home or school - helping the school’s graduation rates rise by 20 percent over the past three years.

Sarah Pyle is a nontraditional high school in Wilmington that specializes in at-risk students who have struggled in traditional schools.

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