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UD raises tuition for three programs, will hire 500 faculty

Delaware Public Media

The University of Delaware is raising tuition for a few of its programs and hiring at least 500 new staff members.

UD’s business, engineering and nursing students will be charged $1,000 more per year than others attending the University this fall, and as the new costs are phased in increments over the next three school years those students will pay between $1,500 and $4,000 more each year.

University of Delaware President Dennis Assanis says the move is necessary to offset the cost of keeping these programs nationally competitive.

“It’s really an investment that the students and the family make in the excellence of their study, and it will make them even more valuable and more competitive when they graduate,” said Assanis.

Assanis adds the resources generated from the additional charge will stay within the respective areas of study and not be used elsewhere at UD.

Part of the return on the investment comes in the form of 500-600 new staff members in the nursing, business and engineering schools. Assanis says part of the new charge to students will go to bringing in specialized instructors.

“For example, business—when you’re competing with the real world to hire the same types of professionals to instruct our students; nursing—where the type of instruction of happens at specialized facilities in very small groups,” said Assanis.

Assanis adds the University will make more scholarships and grants available to students in these disciplines to help offset the increased cost.

The University of Delaware is raising tuition for its nursing, engineering and business schools.

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