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Indian River High celebrates upward trend in AP exam scores

Delaware Public Media

Indian River High School says its students are making significant strides in their AP exam scores.

At least 70 percent of Indian River High students who took AP exams over the last two years got scores that qualify them for college credit. In 2015, 65 percent of students who took an AP exam got college credit.

Students can get college credit from scoring at least a three out of five on the exam.


Assistant Principal Will Revels says those are the kind of results the school wants from its AP program. Indian River High has been encouraging more students to take AP classes with the mindset that intelligence can be built through practice.


“Instead of having kids say ‘I can’t do that’, instead we want them to be thinking, ‘I can’t do that yet but I’m capable if I apply myself’,” Revels said.


The number of students taking AP exams has grown as well. Eighty-three students took the AP exam last school year. In 2015 — 58 took the exam.


Revels says primarily juniors and seniors take AP classes at Indian River, but some sophomores have started enrolling as well.


“We’re trying to be as inclusive as possible with AP,” Revels said. “We know the opportunity that it opens up for kids and just exposure to that level of coursework is good for all students.”


Revels says the most popular AP courses at Indian River are US History and Biology.

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