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Charter schools, Dept. of Education expected to sign settlement agreement

Delaware Public Media

The Christina School District and Delaware’s Department of Education are expected to settle a lawsuit with 15 charter schools this week.

The Christina School Board approved a confidential settlement Wednesday that could end a lawsuit between the district and 15 charter schools.


Now, a representative from each charter school involved in the lawsuit must still sign off on the settlement.


Kendall Massett is Executive Director for the Delaware Charter Schools Network. She said the decision most likely won’t require a vote from each schools’ entire board of directors, which could make it easier to approve.


“Because there would not be any money going out – they’re not paying out a settlement, it would be money coming in – there’s not really a fiduciary responsibility that the board would have to approve," Massett said.


But Massett said the charter schools are happy with Christina’s vote, and are expected to make their decisions by the end of the week.


“They don’t take what was given last night (Wednesday) and then take that piece and then go to the next person and have them sign it," Massett said. "They all get their own signature page that they sign.”


The charters sued both Christina and the Delaware Department of Education in October over the method used to calculate the amount of funds Christina sends to charters serving district students.

The state’s Department of Education said they haven’t received the settlement agreement yet, but will sign it when they do.


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