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Survey indicates many Delawareans want more investment in public education

Delaware Public Media

A new poll of 400 registered voters found Delawareans want more investment in public education and more support for students and families.


The poll, conducted by GBA Strategies, found a little over half of those contacted believe Delaware isn’t spending enough on public education.

"So a clear sense that the schools are not really meeting the individual needs of students," GBA's Carl Agne said.

He said on the whole, people’s opinion of public education in Delaware was mixed.


41% of those polled felt the quality of public education in the state waas holding steady, while 32% said it is getting worse.  68% said they want elected officials to do more to improve public schools in the state.

The vast majority said they support voluntary pre-kindergarten for all Delaware students and want more funding to schools serving low-income students.


The poll was conducted for the Vision Coalition, a public-private partnership that aims to improve public education in the state.


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