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Possible fraud in Red Clay vote referred to DOJ, but results certified

Delaware Public Media

The New Castle County Department of Elections says two individuals have been referred to the state Department of Justice on suspicion of fraud in the Red Clay School District referendum last month, but the results of the vote passing the tax increase have been certified.

Anthony Albence, director of the county Department of Elections, says evidence was found that the individuals cast ballots at more than one polling location on voting day. He adds other allegations of electioneering, including the possible coercion of voters in prohibited areas, are also being referred to the DOJ.

State Senator Karen Peterson and other residents called for a formal investigation and reform in the wake of the referendum, in which voters approved a tax increase to pay for operating expenses and improvements in technology, curriculum and student services.

County officials say the possible instances of fraud would not have been enough to tip the referendum, which was passed by a nearly 900-vote margin, even counting the 32 votes found to be cast by those not living within the Red Clay School District.

Albence says the Department of Elections expedited the process of cross-checking ballots and voter information because of the controversy. He adds while this is not the first time issues have been referred to the Department of Justice, it is “very infrequent this would happen.”

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