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City of Milford making downtown intersection changes

Sara M. Bluhm

Intersection changes are coming to downtown Milford.

The Milford Public Works Department decided in 2019 to join other municipalities and turn over operations and maintenance of its traffic signals to DelDOT

And Milford’s Public Works director Mike Svaby says that requires upgrading those intersections.

“What an upgrade means in that context is, everything from the actual signal technology to the physical geometry, architecture and appearance at the intersection." Svaby said. "So we’re talking about other things - like the hardware hanging there, what does the actual signal head look like, the poles in the ground and the mast arm.”

Svaby says over the next month or so - Milford and DelDOT will allow two-way traffic on Southwest Front Street. That means heavier vehicles can get back out since they can’t cross over the SW Front Street Bridge, which is currently in disrepair and has a weight limit.

“That particular intersection is connected to a one-way street. So you can turn right - in a westerly direction on that street - on Southwest Front, but if you're a heavy vehicle weighing more than three tons you can't get back out of that same intersection - it’s one way," said Svaby. "The other end of that street has a bridge that is in disrepair and has a three ton weight limit on it."

But before that two-way traffic pattern is implemented though there will be a one year trial of traffic signals at Southeast and Southwest Front Street and South Walnut Street and Causey Avenue and South Walnut Street. That will temporarily see those signals change to flashing red with four-way stop signs.

Milford and DelDOT also plan to redesign and rebuild the bridge sometime in 2025.

Svaby says Milford will use a reverse 911 call to alert residents when the changes take place.

Kelli Steele has over 30 years of experience covering news in Delaware, Baltimore, Winchester, Virginia, Phoenix, Arizona and San Diego, California.