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Reproductive rights advocates launch the state's first abortion fund

First State Abortion Fund Logo
First State Abortion Fund

Reproductive rights advocates in Delaware launch the state’s first abortion fund.

The First State Abortion Fund has been in development since January, but when a draft Supreme Court opinion was leaked showing Roe V. Wade would be overturned, board members kicked into high gear to get the fund up and running.

It aims to provide equitable access to abortion care in the First State, and operates under a reproductive justice framework.

Fund board member Kori Beaman Cheatham says that means providing practical support outside of the actual procedure.

“It’s not just ‘hey I need someone to pay for a particular procedure.’ It’s all encompassing. And we also want to make sure we’re equitable in that process. So we’re making sure that we’re not excluding someone. Let’s say I already have children and I need access to childcare while I have access to this procedure. Or let’s say I live down in Sussex County or I live in Salisbury, Maryland and I need transportation to services provided in Northern Delaware. Those are those all-encompassing things,” Beaman Cheatham explained. “As well as other resources that we may need to pull on when we’re looking at full-access care. So when you’re saying practical, I know it seems like such a small thing to say it’s one procedure, but there’s so many facets that comes along with what abortion care really looks like.”

The First State Abortion Fund understands that access to abortion care includes gas assistance, physical ride assistance, meal support for patients, childcare, and more- all of which come with additional costs.

The fund currently plans to serve Delawareans who need financial assistance in accessing an abortion, though they recognize the impact the overturning of Roe v Wade is having elsewhere and hope to make the fund available to anyone who needs it once more funds become available.

They encourage non-Delaware residents to visit for support.

First State Abortion Fund board member Sarah Stowens says anyone interested in the fund can go to

“We’ll make sure to send out updates as we have them,” said Stowens. “Whether they’re about fundraising updates, events, or volunteer opportunities- that is the best way for people to hook in now, and look for those updates in the coming weeks.”

And the fund points those seeking to advocate for reproductive justice to also support local organizations such as Planned Parenthood of Delaware, the ACLU of Delaware, Delaware NOW, and/or Black Mothers in Power.

First State Abortion Fund will be announcing its plans for providing financial assistance to people seeking abortions in the coming weeks.

Quinn Kirkpatrick was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware and a graduated of the University of Delaware. She joined Delaware Public Media in June 2021