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Nemours seeks to ease concerns about COVID-19 vaccine for newly eligible kids

Delaware Public Media

Kids between 6 months to 5 years old can now receive the COVID-19 vaccine, and the state encourages parents and guardians to ask their child’s healthcare provider any questions about getting them vaccinated.

As each age group became eligible for the vaccine, Nemours Children's Health has received questions from parents about its safety and efficacy for kids.

Dr. Neil Rellosa is a pediatric physician specializing in infectious diseases at Nemours Children's hospital.

He notes for this youngest group now eligible, Moderna and Pfizer do differ when it comes to the number of shots needed, but Rellosa says parents shouldn’t be concerned that means one is better than the other.

“I think rather than try to make a comparison, or say ‘well, maybe this one’s better so I should give this one to my child, or wait for this one,’ vaccinate your children as soon as you can," said Rellosa. "Talk with your medical providers in terms of what you feel is best for your child. But rather than trying to choose between the two different vaccines, just choose to get vaccinated.”

Another question Nemours is hearing is in regard to why it took longer to get vaccine authorization for this youngest age group.

Rellosa says this age group being eligible last is no reason for concern. It's standard practice.

“It wasn’t because there was a question of was this needed, or was this efficacious, or safe," explained Rellosa. "More so that it sort of followed what it usually follows when we’re talking about these medications and vaccines.”

Rellosa adds that getting information from a reliable source is the best way for parents and guardians to feel comfortable about the decision to vaccinate their child.

Nemours is unsure right now whether it will have the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine available to its patients. Their most pressing concern is vaccinating patients as soon as possible.

Nemours makes information about the vaccine for kids available at - and is holding a webinar on vaccinating those under 5 years old Tuesday night at 6pm.