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President Biden addresses UD's 2022 Commecement

University of Delaware live stream

The University of Delaware Class of 2022 heard from UD’s most famous alum at their 2022 Commencement ceremony in Newark Saturday.

“It feels like coming home because it is home.  It is home," said President Joe Biden as he return to his al;ma mater, where he graduated in 1965.

Biden lauded the graduates gathered at Delaware Stadium for completing their collegiate journey in the face of the COVID pandemic

“Campus shutdowns, classes on Zoom, a world turned upside down. But you got through it – and it took and extraordinary commitment, determination and resolve to do it,' said Biden. "You should be proud that you overcame it all to see this day."

Biden also challenged the Class of 2022, telling the newly minted graduates this is “no time to be on the sidelines.”

“Because here’s the simple truth, you’re graduating and entering the world at a momentous and consequential, and defining time. The next 10 years of your lives are going to determine what the next 50 years of this nation will look like." said Biden. "We’re at one of those inflection points in history where things are changing so fundamental that we have to act,

Biden specifically pointed to the challenges raised by white supremacy, the January 6th insurrection, climate change and more, but expressed optimism that these graduates and their generation have the generosity, tolerance and education to help the nation meet and overcome those challenges

Biden also discussed the recent gun violence in Buffalo, New York and Uvalde, calling on the country

“In the face of such destructive forces we have to stand stronger.  We must stand stronger," said Biden. "We cannot outlaw tragedy, I know.  But we can make America safer.  We can finally do what we have to do to protect the lives of the people and our children."

Biden also noted he planned to travel to Uvalde Sunday to meet with families that lost loved one in the elementary school shooting there earlier this week.

This is the fifth time since he graduated in 1965 that Biden has served at UD’s Commencement speaker, including in 2014 while he was Vice President.

Before his address at a sun-splashed Delaware Stadiun Saturday, Biden as presented with the University of Delaware Medal of Distinction. The medal is one of the university’s highest honors and is awarded to those who
have made humanitarian, cultural, intellectual or scientific contributions to society or have achieved noteworthy success in their chosen fields.

6,411 graduates make up UD’s Class of 2022. The school says about 4,000 attended Commencementat Delaware Stadium, along with about 16,000 family and friends.