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Fox tests positive for rabies in Frankford


A fox tests positive for rabies in Frankford, and the Delaware Division of Public Health advises residents of attacks on stray cats.

The Fox tested positive for rabies with the results coming back on March 31.

DPH says the fox spent time in the areas of Burbage and Jones Roads and Burbage Road and Route 374 in Frankford.

The fox had no known contact with people, but there are reports of it attacking stray cats. If those cats develop rabies they will become a public health threat especially to anyone who feeds them.

This is the third case of a rabid animal this year as another fox and a raccoon have tested positive for rabies.

If you or anyone you know might have been bitten, scratched by, or encountered a fox or feral cat in that area of Frankford you should contact your healthcare provider or call the DPH Rabies Program at 302-744-4995.

To prevent rabies exposure all dogs, cats, and ferrets 6 months of age and older are required to be vaccinated against rabies, keep your pets indoors, don’t touch wild or unfamiliar animals, keep your pet’s food and water indoors, and don’t feed feral animals.

If you encounter a sick or injured wild animal or an animal behaving aggressively contact DNREC’s Wildlife Section at 302-739-9912 or 302-735-3600, and if you encounter a sick or stray domestic animal call the Office of Animal Welfare at 302-255-4646.