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DMV announces changes to vanity tag reservation process

Delaware Public Media

There are currently just under 25,000 active vanity tags in Delaware.

And the Dept. of Motor Vehicles is making changes to the vanity tag reservation process.

Delaware’s DMV currently offers more than 20 online services for First State drivers.

DelDOT community relations director C.R. McLeod says that list now includes getting a vanity plate - to increase convenience and efficiency.

“So that it doesn’t require a trip to the DMV," said McLeod. "What that means is - you can go online now, you can actually complete the reservation process to apply for the vanity tag, pay for it and it will be mailed to you. So again, we’re trying to make another customer convenience as much as possible.” 

McLeod says rising COVID numbers played a small part in the decision to move this service online.

“It’s also in conjunction with what we’ve been experiencing over the past two years - again how can we provide more online services that are convenient to our customers," said McLeod. "Again, we really had to focus on that over the past two years with the pandemic.”

McLeod says when customers visit, they can check availability of their desired vanity tag.

McLeod says all requests are subject to review and approval to ensure that they don’t contain vulgarity, profanity or hate speech.

If a vanity tag is approved, an email is sent to proceed with the order and online payment. If a request is denied, an email is sent explaining why.

McLeod notes the percentage of requests denied is very low.

Kelli Steele has over 30 years of experience covering news in Delaware, Baltimore, Winchester, Virginia, Phoenix, Arizona and San Diego, California.