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Supply chain shortages hitting Delaware State Parks

Delaware Public Media

Supply chain issues affecting some holiday shopping are extending to an unexpected venue.

Delaware State Parks is feeling the pinch too.

The sale of 2022 Delaware State Parks annual passes and surf fishing permits is being delayed due to supply chain disruptions.

“Well really we just have to wait for the materials to be delivered to the vendor," said Shauna McVey, community affairs coordinator for DNREC’s Delaware State Parks. "It’s the adhesive part of the stickers that are stuck in the supply chain.”

McVey says due to that delay, 2021 surf fishing permits will be honored on all surf fishing beaches through the end of January.

There’s no immediate impact on state parks because the daily entrance is free through the end of February.

“Our parks every year - we go fee-free from December 1 through February 28," McVey said. "So the annual passes actually aren’t really affected by this delay because we do expect them in before the fee season starts again on March 1 (2022). People can go right now and go for free and enjoy beautiful weather when we have it.”

McVey says the DNREC Division of Parks and Recreation expects to have the passes and permits in early 2022.

McVey notes that residents can check on the progress of the permits and passes here.