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The Green - July 9, 2021


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The Green - July 9, 2021

Gov. John Carney’s COVID pandemic emergency order officially lifts Tuesday, but even as COVID restrictions disappear there are lingering effects from the pandemic we are coping with this summer

And one of those is higher food prices.

Contributor Eileen Dallabrida takes a look what we are paying more for and why.

Delaware Public Media's Tom Byrne and contributor Eileen Dallabrida discuss rising food prices

With this year’s legislative session complete, lawmakers are setting their sights on next January.

The Delaware Legislative Black Caucus has announced some policy priorities for the future — and several of those target environmental issues.

Delaware Public Media’s Sophia Schmidt talks with State Rep. Larry Lambert, a long-time environmental justice advocate, about those priorities.

Delaware Public Media's Sophia Schmidt interviews State Rep. Larry Lambert about environmental justice priorities.

Occasionally in life, you don’t find your mission – your mission finds you.

That’s certainly the case with DuPont retirees Bob and Anne Daly, whose move to Brandywine Hundred in 2018 set them on an unexpected path – helping preserve the Newark Union Church and Cemetery.

Contributor Larry Nagengast brings us their story.

Delaware Public Media's Tom Byrne and contributor Larry Nagengast discuss work to preserve the Newark Union Church and Cemetery.

With pandemic restrictions lifted, venues like the Biggs Museum of American Art in Dover are ramping back up.  And this summer, the Biggs is offering plenty of reasons to visit.

In addition to its events and exhibits, the Biggs is working to create a more robust experience with a series of QR codes.

And in this week’s Arts Playlist, Biggs curator Ryan Grover joins Delaware Public Media’s Kelli Steele to explain the codes and discuss some of the summer programs they’re offering.

Delaware Public Media's Kelli Steele interviews Biggs Museum curator Ryan Grover.

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