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Northern portions of New Castle County see significant snowfall

Tom Byrne/Delaware Public Media
Although Wednesday’s winter weather is mostly done in Delaware, northern Delaware could see some lingering snow for a few hours Wednesday morning.";

Parts of Delaware saw their first significant snowfall in at least two years Wednesday.

“It has been quite a while since Delaware - any part of Delaware - has seen significant snow, said National Weather Service Meteorologist Chad Shafer. "Basically last year, it didn’t really happen at all. It could have been two seasons worth before we had a significant snow before this one."

Shafer says as far as snow totals, far northern portions of Delaware got the most.

Talleyville saw the most snow at 5.7 inches. Claymont picked up 4.5 inches and Greenville recorded four inches of snow.

Farther downstate - Smyrna picked up a trace of snow. And places south of that saw no snow accumulation.

For New Castle County residents who did get some snow accumulation Wednesday - keep in mind that temperatures will drop into the upper 20s for the morning commute Thursday . That means that some of the back roads and neighborhood streets will be icy if left untreated. 

Driving conditions will be toughest in northern Delaware until the temperatire starts to rise and the snow and ice start to melt.