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This page offers all of Delaware Public Media's ongoing coverage of the COVID-19 outbreak and how it is affecting the First State. Check here regularly for the latest new and information.

Nonprofits, philanthropies launch COVID-19 emergency response initiative

Four leading nonprofit and philanthropic entities in Delaware have launched a coordinated initiative to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic locally.

A group of nonprofit and philanthropic entities is launching an effort to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in Delaware.

The Delaware Community Foundation (DCF), the United Way of Delaware (UWDE), the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement (DANA), and Philanthropy Delaware (PD) are coming together to coordinate fundraising, grantmaking and volunteer activities.

Delaware Community Foundation president and CEO Stuart Comstock-Gay says their statewide response consists of four components.


“Number one is an emergency response fund that’s being managed through the United Way of Delaware to get some money out on the ground to the most needed community over the next couple three months. The second piece is volunteer coordination - helping people find places where they can plug in. That’s being managed by the 211 Program.”

Comstock-Gay says DCF is manging the third piece - a long-term structural sustainability fund for organizations in need. 


“I think the main point to make is that this is one of many things happening and many ways for people to engage," said Comstock-Gay. "And we would love for people to participate in this; but most importantly, we just want people to be helping out where they can.”


The fourth piece is ongoing communication with nonprofits to understand their needs. DANA director Sheila Bravo - says her agency is handling that.


“Through the resources that we provide, which include, workshops and information resources and also consulting services, we help boards of directors and nonprofits really think strategically about their sustainability practices and also how they can be most impactful out in the community,” said Bravo.


Bravo calls the need is acute and immediate. 


She says DANA conducted a survey of nonprofits last week which found many already decided to layoff much of their workforce.



DANA president and CEO DANA Sheila Bravo explains her organization's initial efforts to ascertain nonprofits needs as the coronavirus outbreak interrupted their work.

“Now that we know that, we’re providing resources to help executives understand what that means," said Bravo. "We’re also working on providing resources to help them assess the financial implications of these changes. So we’re really behind-the-scenes in supporting a lot of the nonprofits in the State of Delaware.”

DANA president and CEO DANA Sheila Bravo discusses how resources are being marshaled to assist nonprofits struggling during the coronavirus outbreak.

Businesses, organizations and individuals are invited to donate to this collective response. Donations can be made to Delaware Does More:  COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund at the United Way or at Delaware COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund at the Delaware Community Foundation.



Kelli Steele has over 30 years of experience covering news in Delaware, Baltimore, Winchester, Virginia, Phoenix, Arizona and San Diego, California.