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DelDOT, DMV taking measures to keep people healthy during COVID-19 outbreak

Delaware Public Media

Delaware’s Department of Transportation and the Division of Motor Vehicles are adjusting in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

People still need to use public transportation to get around.


And DelDOT’s spokesman C.R. McLeod says his agency is taking steps to keep DART buses clean.


“Each night, we’ve been hitting our buses with what’s called a vital oxide antimicrobial solution," said McLeod. "And this is almost a fogging mist that we will set up in each of the buses that will clean all the surfaces and disinfect all of the surfaces.”


McLeod adds additional cleaning measures are happening at the DelDOT’s other facilities - including its rest areas and DMV sites.


“We’re just cleaning all of the areas that the general public may be accessing to ensure that we are disinfecting as much as possible," said McLeod. "And we’re providing hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes and things like that, to do whatever we can to limit the spread of germs and the virus as much as possible.”


McLeod says residents needing DMV services are strongly urged to use the Department of Motor Vehicles website, which offers more than 20 services online, including driver’s license renewal, vehicle registration renewal and changing your home address on your license or ID.


McLeod adds there are also drive through windows at DMV locations residents can use to maintain social distancing. DMV will also monitor its lobbies to keep the number of people below 50 people at any time and will not use cash.


And McLeod says to help put people at ease - DMV is waiving late fees.


“So we don’t want anyone to feel compelled that they have to come in because their registration is expiring, or their driver's license is expiring. Health and safety are paramount right now," said McLeod.



Toll plazas are also going cashless Tuesday - with no toll collectors working.. All traffic will be directed through the EZPass lanes and motorists without EZPass will receive a bill in the mail for the toll with no penalty or processing fee.


The Route 896 southbound ramp to I-95 southbound will be closed temporarily due to the road configuration that does not permit access to the EZPass lanes.



Many DMV services will be suspended until further notice, including all Class D and Commercial Driver License (CDL) road exams, all motorcycle safety courses conducted at all DMV locations, all vision tests will be temporarily waived and all emissions testing for vehicles and all Auto Theft Unit (ATU) transactions.



DelDOT is also canceling three upcoming public workshops on March 24, March 25 and March 31.