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Delaware Transit Corporation looks for schools to Adopt-A-Shelter

The Delaware Transit Corporation (DTC) is relaunching the DART Adopt-A-Shelter program.


The Adopt-A-Shelter program seeks community groups to “adopt” bus shelters to help keep them clean and free of litter.

DART’s chief customer experience officer Julie Theyerl says this renewed effort to build the program looks to broaden involvement.


“With the relaunch, what we really want to do is attract schools as well," said Theyerl. "We continue to welcome businesses, groups and individuals, but we want to get it out to schools. There are a lot of schools that have a shelter right near them. And what better way to show school spirit than to have a shelter wrapped with a message from the school.” 


And Theyerl says DART wuld like to see schools submit artwork to help beautify shelters.


"It's similar to our bus shelter ads, where it’s a vinyl adhesive that’s put on the panels of the shelter. So we’re interested to see what people come up with," said Theyerl. "Gov. Carney has the anti-littering campaign; it would be fun to go along those lines - maybe something to do with a school mascot. Anything really that the school would want to do.”

Theyerl says DART hopes increased shelter adoptions will not only keep the shelters looking good -  but also reduce vandalism and costs associated with it.


250 bus shelters statewide are eligible for the Adopt-A-Shelter program.


More information on the program can be found here or by calling 1-800-652-DART.


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