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The Green - March 6, 2020

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There’s a sense of déjà vu surrounding Odyssey Charter School. 


Last spring, the Greek-themed charter was placed under formal review that ultimately led to probation as it sought its charter renewal. 


Now - less than a year later - the school is back under formal review following reports of racially insensitive remarks made by members of the school's board of directors.


Five board members resigned in the wake of those revelations, and a reorganized board is trying to get the school back on track. The second formal review began earlier this week.  Contributor Larry Nagengast was at the initial meeting in that process and looks at what has the state concerned and how Odyssey is trying to get out from under scrutiny.


Delaware Public Media's Tom Byrne and contributor Larry Nagengast discuss the start of the state's second formal review of Odyssey Charter School.

A group of black women in Wilmington is working to address pregnancy and infant mortality issues for minority women throughout the First State.

The group is called Black Mothers in Power - and Delaware Public Media's Sophia Schmidt sat down with its director of public relations, Shamarla McCoy, to learn more about the group and its legislative priorities.

Delaware Public Media's Sophia Schmidt interviews Black Mothers in Power public relations director Shamarla McCoy.

This week, The Green features the latest University of Delaware Center for Political Communication podcast.

The podcast is part of the upcoming 2020 National Agenda series We Are the People - an examination of the citizen’s role in politics and elections from campaigns to the voting booth. and how people engage - or do not engage - in politics.

In this episode, UD Center for Political Communication Associate Director and Lindsay Hoffman and the CPC’s Research Director Paul Brewer join Delaware Public Media News Director Tom Byrne to discuss the fallout from Super Tuesday and 2020 election news in the First State.

Episode 1 of the "We Are the People" podcast from UD's Center for Political Communication.







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