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AAA Mid-Atlantic offers advice for handling excessive heat

Delaware Public Media

Temperatures are expected to soar this week, and AAA Mid-Atlantic is reminding drivers of heat-related dangers.

Temperatures are expected to reach almost 100 degrees by the weekend, meaning heat-related issues with people and their cars are more likely to happen.

Since 1998, there have been 815 heat stroke-related deaths of children in the U.S. There have been 10 deaths so far this summer.

AAA Mid-Atlantic’s Ken Grant is reminding drivers to not leave pets and children locked in cars even for a few minutes.

“What a lot of people need to realize is that on a 90 degree day, the heat inside a vehicle can reach 180 degrees. Children's bodies tend to heat up faster, sometimes two to three times faster than an adult’s body.”

To avoid leaving children and pets inside hot vehicles, Grant suggests creating reminders on your phone, or putting something in the backseat you need when exiting the car.

He also says that if you see an animal or child locked in a car unattended, to dial 911 right away.

In addition to making sure you stay hydrated and keep cool over the weekend, Grant says people need to think about their cars and make sure they can withstand the heat.

“You want to check your battery, heat kills batteries. So you want to make sure your battery is up for any kind of long distance travel. Your tires, keep your tires at the normal pressure. Soft tires generate more heat which can lead to a blow out. Check all the fluids, especially coolant levels in the overflow tank, top off as needed.”