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BVSPCA flies in pets from crowded shelters


The Brandywine Valley SPCA is set to take in dogs from a pair of overcrowded shelters this weekend.


The BVSPCA will welcome 165 small dogs airlifted from Arizona Saturday. 100 puppies from Mississippi will land at a Sussex County airport Sunday.


The dogs will be taken to the Georgetown Rescue and Rehabilitation Center to be medically evaluated and prepared for adoption.


BVSPCA spokeswoman Linda Torelli says after several of these mass rescue projects, they have process down pat. 


“So it’s a lot of work for us to take in all these animals at one time, but our team has really fine-tuned that process of being able to intake the animals with the care for each individual animal, but to be able to do it in high volume,” said Torelli.


Torelli notes small dogs are very popular in Arizona and many end up in shelters when the state’s aging population is no longer able to care for them. She says the Mississippi community is simply not spaying and neutering their dogs.

The rescue animals will be flown here by Wings of Rescue. The operation is funded by

After their evaluation, the dogs will join the BVSPCA’s 5th Mega Adoption Event on December 8-9 at the Delaware State Fairgrounds in Harrington.

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