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Delaware Headlines

DUI checkpoints planned weekend before Halloween

Office of Highway Safety

The state is setting up three sobriety checkpoints Saturday.


Delaware’s Office of Highway Safety is partnering with local law enforcement to conduct one checkpoint per county Saturday night from 10 pm to 2 am.


Each car passing through checkpoints on Route 72 in Newark, Route 13 in Dover and Route 24 in Millsborowill be stopped. 31,000 dollars in federal grant funds have been budgeted to cover officer overtime.

OHS spokeswoman Cynthia Cavett says the state is ratcheting up efforts to catch drunk drivers this weekend before Halloween.


“With Halloween there are a lot of people going out for parties, and local bars and restaurants are going to just have a good time. And we want people to have a good time, but we also want them to be responsible and make sure they have a sober ride home,” said Cavett.


There’ve been 232 DUI arrests in Delaware over the last three years during the period between October 27th and November 1st. And there were thirty-five impaired driving-related serious or fatal crashes.

OHS will also be sharing its drive sober messages this month in a media campaign.

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