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Lifeguard hours at Delaware's state park beaches start changing Monday

Delaware Seashore State Park
A reduction in lifeguard hours is about to start affecting some First State beaches.

The lifeguard hours for guarded beaches at Delaware State Parks are about to change.


As the summer season winds to a close, there will be some limits to where you can swim in Delaware’s state parks.

Parks director Ray Bivens says Delaware Seashore State Park’s Tower Road beach will be unguarded during the week, starting Monday, but it will still be guarded on weekends, including Labor Day.

“This time of year we have a lot of our lifeguards that are returning for sports in high school or college starting back up. So we want to focus our efforts and make sure we always offer safe beaches. So we will have some closures through the weeks at some places like Towers ocean,” Bivens said.


Bivens says all other state park swimming beaches, including the main beach at Cape Henlopen State Park, and the South Indian River Inlet side of Delaware Seashore State Park, will be guarded every day through Labor Day with limited staff.

But he adds that lower staffing means there will be smaller or limited swimming areas.


“This is something that happens every year for us. Many of the municipal beaches are doing the same thing, where they’re shrinking kind of there guarded areas. I think the important thing is just to know, we have things posted. And we just want to encourage people, it might mean you drive an extra three miles to get to get to a different beach,” said Bivens.


Visitors and residents alike, are encouraged not to swim or to even enter the water on a non-guarded beach.


Kelli Steele has over 30 years of experience covering news in Delaware, Baltimore, Winchester, Virginia, Phoenix, Arizona and San Diego, California.