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Local group providing police K-9s with protective vests


Blue Heron Agility Association of Delaware wants to make sure every police K-9 in the First State has a protective vest and is working to make that happen.



Bulletproof and stab-proof vests for K-9 unit dogs cost about $1,000 and sometimes more according to Blue Heron Agility Association treasurer Denise Jester.

And Jester says they’ve raised the funds needed to get them for a variety of local law enforcement agencies.

“We have, over the past several years, provided eight vests. And some have been to local agencies and some have been to Delaware State Police and we’re just looking to make sure that all dogs in our vicinity are protected,” Jester said.

Jester says in addition to the Delaware State Police dogs, the Bridgeville, Lewes, Dover, Milton and Delmar Police Departments have also been outfitted with the protective vests by her group.

She says her agency plans to provide vests to two more agencies this May and September, and is seeking interested K-9 units.