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Permit issued for medical marijuana cultivation in Milford

Delaware Public Media
A new medical marijuana facility is coming to Milford. However, it will NOT be a dispensary according to Milford officials.

A new medical marijuana facility is coming to Milford to cultivate and manufacture the drug only.

New York based Columbia Care won the state contract to run a Kent County medical marijuana facility, but Milford Mayor Bryan Shupe says there’s a limit to what it can do at the Milford Industrial Park location it selected.


“Columbia Care has pulled a permit in the City of Milford to grow and manufacture medical marijuana at that location. And they will actually be distributing that to wherever the dispensary in Kent County will be," said Shupe. "So right now, that manufacturing of a medical product is allowed under our code in that location in our business park in the Masten Circle.



Shupe adds if Columbia Care decides it wants to put a dispensary at the Milford Industrial Park location, the people of Milford will have to decide if they want it or not.


"If they want to become a dispensary, they would have to get a change of code; they would have to coming to the Planning and Zoning Commission which would be open for the public to come in for public comment. Then the Planning and Zoning Department would make a recommendation to the City of Milford. And the City Council would have to vote on that as well,” said Shupe.

There are currently two dispensaries in Delaware, one in Lewes and one in Wilmington.  



The state’s plan is to have one dispensary in each county.