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Newark motel flagged as nusiance property by Delaware AG's office

Delaware Public Media

Operators of a Newark motel are being told to clean up their act or face closure.

The Delaware Attorney’s General’s office is targeting the Rodeway Inn on South College Avenue under the state’s Criminal Nuisance Abatement Act.

The motel has had over 900 calls for police service since 2013. Newark Police says it's made arrests there for prostitution, drug sales, drug use, and a number of sexual assaults.

Under a Superior Court order agreed to by the AG’s office and the Rodeway Inn, the motel operators will make a number of changes to avoid being shut down as a criminal nuisance property 

Those changes include installation of video surveillance, insuring everyone on the property after 8pm is registered to a room and hiring a reputable security company to provide an on-site security guard between 5 p.m. and 6 a.m.

The AG’s office also has an agreement with the property owner, which requires that owner to take possession of the property from the motel operators if the Court ultimately orders the Rodeway Inn to be shut down.

Rodeway Inn - Consent Order for Temporary Abatement Relief by Delaware Public Media on Scribd

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