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Coons appeals to Supreme Court to allow refugees U.S. entry

Delaware Public Media

Sen. Chris Coons has filed a court brief against President Trump's latest action on a travel ban.


Coons filed the latest of several briefs last week. Delaware Senator Chris Coons joined with other members of Congress urging the Supreme Court to uphold a District Court’s decision from July 10.


The Hawaii District Court judge ruled that the “bona fide relationship” standard requirement for U.S. entry should be extended to include extended family members.


“This latest filing by a whole group of members of Congress is to defend the ruling by the Hawaii District Court that we should continue to allow grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins within the definition of immediate family for those who have legitimate ties to the United States," Coons said.



But the Trump administration appealed to the Supreme Court for clarification, asking for a narrower definition of a “bona fide relationship” that didn’t include grandparents and other extended family members.


A Supreme Court’s brief Wednesday rejects that part of the Trump administration’s argument. But it temporarily blocks access for refugees with ties to resettlement agencies.


The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments on Oct. 10.


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