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BVSPCA animals up for adoption after fire

Katie Peikes
Delaware Public Media
Some of the damage to the BVSPCA's New Castle building after a crash and fire on Sunday.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Harmony, the cat in critical condition, passed away the morning of Friday, July 14.


Some of the animals involved in a fire at the Brandywine Valley SPCA in New Castle this weekend have already found new homes.


Thirty-six of the nearly 100 displaced animals have been adopted or transferred to shelters or rescue facilities.



The rest have been moved to the nonprofit's other adoption or holding facilities. Not all are candidates for adoption yet.

A car crashed into the BVSPCA’s New Castle campus early Sunday morning, starting a fire and killing the driver and three cats.

Another cat, named Harmony, remains in critical condition, after suffering from smoke inhalation and burns.

BVSPCA spokeswoman Linda Torelli said since then, the organization has received an outpouring of support from the community - between people wanting to adopt the animals or supporting them financially.

"It's amazing to see so many people reach in to help the animals in so many ways, and the folks who have stepped up to help financially and make a sacrifice from their own personal life and family, means a tremendous amount to us. They've now joined us in the rebuilding," Torelli said.

The nonprofit’s New Castle campus remains closed, but work to rebuild it is already underway.

Power has been partially restored to the building.

So far, they’ve raised about $40,000to restore the facility, support their services and provide medical care to animals in need.

They have yet to determine when they will re-open their campus.

The family of LaToya Cooper, the woman who was killed in crash, has also created a fundraiser page for support.

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