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More than 1,000 animals find homes at latest Brandywine SPCA adoption event

Courtesy of Brandywine Valley SPCA

Over 1,100 dogs and cats found new homes during the Brandywine Valley SPCA’s latest adoption event this past weekend.




More than 7,000 people came to Bellevue State Park in North Wilmington for the organization’s latest “mega adoption,” adopting 1,134 animals total. Brandywine Valley SPCA operations director Walt Fenstermacher said they came from as far as Massachusetts to help a dog or cat find a home.


“Without folks coming in to give these pets a chance and bring them to their families, they would be sitting in our shelters or other shelters throughout the country with little to no hope. Folks coming in to save lives is part of this really big picture to end animal homelessness,” Fenstermacher said. 


By the end of the event Sunday, SPCA volunteers took only five dogs and close to 60 cats back to the shelter.


The Brandywine Valley SPCA last held a mega adoption in Philadelphia in December, placing almost 900 animals into homes.


“It’s really humbling to see how many people want to come out and help homeless pets find new homes. Whether it’s just a couple animals that find a home at a regular shelter or over a thousand in a weekend, all of it’s really humbling and really heartwarming,” Fenstermacher said.


Fenstermacher said they plan to hold another large adoption event in Philadelphia this December.  


In the beginning of June, Brandywine Valley SPCA absorbed Delaware SPCA’s Georgetown facility. They’re hoping to grow their adoption services in Sussex County.


The SPCA does not euthanize any animals, even if they can’t find them a home for a long period of time.

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