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Milford asking citizens to help shape its first strategic plan

Photo courtesy: Lee Nelson

The City of Milford is asking its residents to help shape its first five-year strategic plan.  


City Manager Eric Norenberg said Milford leaders are sending citizen surveys to 1,500 households the week of June 12.


“We’ll be asking questions about the quality of life in Milford. Is this a great place to raise children, to work, to visit or to retire? Do you feel safe? Those sorts of questions,” he said.


Norenberg says the results will be used to gauge the community’s interests and then prioritize them for the five-year-plan.   


"This will be our first five-year strategic plan," Norenberg said. "So citizen input is vital to ensure our long-term priorities align with theirs."


Survey data will also help city leaders craft an annual budget by telling them which services residents rank most important.    


People will have six weeks to fill out the survey, and results should be available by late August, early September.


Households from Milford’s each four wards will be chosen at random.


The survey is being conducted by a third party called The National Citizen Survey and will cost $15,000.


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