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Questions loom after challenges to Trump's second immigrant travel ban

Megan Pauly
Delaware Public Media

Local groups helping to resettle refugees in the First State are waiting to hear from federal agencies about the status of flights for refugees.


There’s no word yet from refugee resettlement agencies whether additional refugees will be able to travel to Delaware - and if so, when.


“Going forward, refugee resettlement agencies had assumed this would be the end of it," said Ryan Tack-Hooper, a staff attorney for the ACLU of Delaware.

Legal questions linger as challenges to President Trump’s latest travel ban work through the courts.


He says the current temporary restraining order on Trump’s executive order allows refugees entry into the U.S. for an additional 14 days – until the case can proceed in court.


“That will last until the court has the opportunity to have a preliminary injunction hearing," Tack-Hooper said.


Tack-Hooper says judging from the court’s opinion – that’s likely, and would decide if the restraining order is extended and for how long.


The judge ruled the travel ban was unconstitutional partly based on Trump’s anti-Muslim campaign rhetoric.


But he adds this initial court’s ruling may only be round one.


“In the past, these have been appealed up to the Court of Appeals before that happens, that could also happen in this case," said Tack-Hooper.


Another judge in Maryland ruled on another section of the travel ban – relating to visas for travelers.


Tack-Hooper says that ruling wasn’t a temporary restraining order, it was a preliminary injunction – meaning that students, family members and tourists will be allowed to travel to the U.S. until the court’s final judgment in the case.  





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