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Settlement ends McDole investigation - talks between family, police to begin

Screenshot of cell phone video of Jeremy McDole shooting

The $1.5 million deal settling the lawsuit stemming from the fatal police shooting of Jeremy McDole has been approved.


A federal judge signed off on the settlement between McDole’s family and the city of Wilmington Tuesday.  

The family sued the city and the four officers who shot the wheelchair bound McDole in September 2015, claiming racial discrimination and that the 28-year-old McDole would not have been shot if he were white.


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McDole family attorney Tom Crumplar says settlement discussions began before the discovery process and further depositions of police involved could take place.

“A little bit unusual that the settlement occurred early on in the process of the case," Crumplar said. "But an awful lot had been developed in terms of facts simply based upon the Department of Justice investigation.There would have been far more investigation done if the case had proceeded.”

Crumplar says cell phone video footage of the shooting played a major role in the case.


“The real difference was the cell phone video," Crumplar said. "That’s a revolution that you’re seeing in cases around the country. Which you didn’t get just a few years ago.”


Crumplar was also involved in the wrongful death case of 25-year-old former Marine Derek Hale, who was shot and killed by Wilmington police in 2006.


That case was also settled - with Hale’s widow receiving $875,000.

Crumplar adds the agreement between the McDole family and Wilmington police to discuss city policing strategies was a “good faith understanding” and not negotiated "quid pro quo."

“We hope that as a result of this unfortunate incident, there will be a change in the city of Wilmington’s procedures," Crumplar said.

Keandra McDole says she expects a meeting with the Wilmington Police Department later this month sometime during the week of January 23rd, but no time and date have been set. It’s unclear how many discussions - moderated by Judge Joseph Farnan, Jr - will occur.


Farnan wasn't available for comment Wednesday, and the city of Wilmington’s attorney Mike Cochran isn't authorized to comment on the case at this time. 

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