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AAA poll finds concern for "drugged" drivers in Delaware

Delaware Office of Highway Safety

AAA Mid-Atlantic is concerned Delaware lawmakers may be speeding towards the legalization of recreational marijuana, and it’s just released poll results it hopes will make legislators pump the brakes.

The poll results released Wednesday find that 86 percent of licensed drivers in Delaware consider driving under the influence of illegal drugs a "somewhat serious" or "very serious" threat to safety. 


Kent Grant of AAA Mid-Atlantic said this should concern Delaware lawmakers as they debate legalizing recreational marijuana.


“In Washington state, we saw a doubling of fatal traffic crashes involving THC since the time of legalization. That should give everyone pause,” he said. 


AAA Mid-Atlantic is opposed to legalizing recreational marijuana, saying tests for drugged driving should be more widely used as a prerequisite. 


Delaware law enforcement don’t have widespread sobriety tests for drugged driving the way they do for drunk driving.


And Grant said that’s made it hard to track drugged driving in the state, especially when it comes to determining the type of drugs drivers are using.

The AAA poll also finds that nearly 70 percent of people in the state consider driving on prescription drugs a "very serious" or "somewhat serious" threat.


Driving under the influence of alcohol is still people’s biggest concern in Delaware.


700 licensed drivers in Delaware participated in the poll. 


AAA poll results from 700 licensed Delaware drivers.

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