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Plow operators complain of unsafe car drivers


Plow operators in the First State had to deal with a number of hardships as they cleared roads during this weekend’s snow storm. And one of those hardships may have been you.

Discourteous or inexperienced drivers became a major concern as Delaware’s Department of Transportation cleared roads of snow and ice this weekend.


DelDOT spokesman Jim Westhoff said a lot of plow operators complained to him about drivers passing them in unsafe conditions.


“I know it can be sort of annoying because the plows are going slow, but be safe and don’t pass any plow that’s applying salt or plowing,” he said. 


Westhoff said it's extremely dangerous for you and the operator when you pass a plow.


He says it's much safer to stay behind the plow and keep a distance of five to six car lengths.


There shouldn’t be many plows left on the roads now, but you never know how soon we’ll need them again.

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