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Some parts of First State may see weekend snow

Tom Byrne/Delaware Public Media

If you weren’t too happy about Thursday night’s snowfall, there may be some bad news in store for you. It looks like Delaware may see a little more snow this weekend.

National Weather Service meteorologist Lance Franck said you won’t be building any snowmen this weekend, but you may have to put on your boots.


“For Saturday we do have a storm system off shore which may track close enough to produce a period of accumulating snow, especially closer to the coast," Franck said.


Unlike Thursday night’s snowfall, which was heavier up north, this snow will be heavier closer to the beaches.


It’s still too early to say exactly when, if or how much snow will fall, but parts of the state could see between two and four inches on Saturday.


Delaware Department of Transportation spokesman Jim Westhoff said crews are standing by to make sure roads stay open.


“We have plenty of salt, we have a lot of good people. Our equipment is in good shape. We’ll be okay,” Westhoff said.


Still, Westhoff added, you should take it slow if it does snow. Roads could still get icy.


You can find the latest information about road closures and travel delays on the DelDOT website HERE.