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Delaware electors cast their votes for Clinton

Members of the Electoral College gathered in Dover Monday morning to officially cast their votes for president.

All three Delaware electors cast their votes for Hillary Clinton, who carried the First State by more than 10 points, just as their peers gathered in statehouses across the country to hold their own ceremonies.


Lydia York, secretary of the state Democratic Party and a convention delegate for Clinton last summer, says she and others need to continue working toward electing the first female president.


“While I am, too, disappointed in the result, I do remain hopeful that one day in my lifetime and perhaps someone in this room will be either sitting here signing these papers for another woman or, in fact, being elected out of these proceedings,” York said.


While proceedings here were generally peaceful, there were reports of protesters in other state capitals urging electors to vote against Donald Trump.


Some states have laws binding their electors to the candidate who carried the state, which prompted a court battle in Colorado last week where a judge forced two people to vote for Clinton or be replaced.


Congress will certify the all the results in January.

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