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Wind gusts and wet weather lead into Thanksgiving

Delaware Public Media

Temperatures across the First State have dropped as strong winds whip through the area. A wind advisory is in effect for all three Delaware Counties until 7pm.

Meteorologist Mitchell Gaines said low-pressure system coming in from New England is to blame for the chilly temperatures and torrential winds on Sunday and Monday.


"On the back of that low-pressure system we’re seeing strong winds 20-30 mph sustained, with gusts as high as 45 mph through the remainder of the day," Gaines said.  


The wind should die down Monday evening, with temperatures dipping into the 30s.  


Gaines adds it could be a wet Thanksgiving this year, with rain moving in Wednesday night and sticking around for pumpkin pie on Thursday.  


Temperatures should hit the mid 50s, with the rain moving out in time for early-rising shoppers to battle over toys and electronics on Black Friday.  Just be thankful that snow isn’t in the forecast, as of yet.