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State set to tweak commercial recycling regulations

Courtesy Patrik Nylin, via Wikimedia Commons

The state wants to establish universal recycling regulations for the commercial sector, property managers and waste services providers.

Delaware’s Division of Waste and Hazardous Substances is holding a public hearing on changes to the state recycling code.

DNREC Planner Don Long said the changes aim to clarify what falls under the commercial sector for recycling for businesses and apartment complexes.

“It’s also to address the problem we’ve had with commingling of waste and recycling by waste service providers. We’ve had some haulers that are commingling or mixing waste and recycling in the same truck,” Long said.

The changes shouldn't affect individual homeowner recycling, he said. 

The public hearing on the new recycling regulations is November 21 at the DNREC Auditorium in Dover.