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NJ gas tax could benefit Delaware

Delaware Public Media


Delaware could soon have the lowest gas prices in the region.

New Jersey has long been known for having the lowest cost gas in the Mid Atlantic. But Garden State lawmakers passed a bill Friday that will increase the state’s gas tax by 23 cents a gallon, raising it to 37.5 cents a gallon. 

Governor Chris Christie is expected to sign the tax increase into law in November


“Once that happens we may see more commuters from Delaware and New Jersey choose to fill up their tanks in the First State. We’ll be the cheapest in the region thanks to our gas tax,” according to Ken Grant with AAA Mid-Atlantic.   


Delaware’s gas tax is currently 23 cents a gallon.


Maryland charges 23.5 cents and Pennsylvania charges 26 cents.

The increase in gas sales in Delaware would benefit the state’s Transportation Trust Fund - which is used to build roads and bridges and other support other state transportation projects.  

Delaware also has a Constitutional amendment making its way through the legislature designed to ensure new money coming into in the Transportation Trust Fund is used for transportation projects and not for backfilling budget shortfalls.

"New Jersey's Transportation Trust Fund has been underfunded for years. Delaware is trying to learn from New Jersey's mistakes," Grant said. 

Half of the gas tax raise that’s going into effect right now is going to pay for the debt of previous construction projects in New Jersey.


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