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GOP touts burn victim camp in weekly message

State Republicans are highlighting a camp for children who have suffered severe burns in their weekly message.


“The Delaware Burn Camp is a shining example of the generosity of Delawareans, their willingness to help and their ability to work cooperatively,” said State Rep. Dave Wilson (R-Bridgeville), who helps volunteer at the camp.


It’s free for children who have suffered burns to attend the week-long camp, which is staffed by volunteers, firefighters and nurses.


It was established without the help of state money several years ago after backers discovered the closest similar camp was a four-hour drive away." target="_blank">
Full text of GOP weekly message:
Hi, I am State Representative Dave Wilson.  I’m speaking to you from southeast Sussex County, where I’m joining dozens of other volunteers to help stage the eighth annual Delaware Burn Camp.

The annual week-long event is held at Camp Barnes -- a facility owned by the Delaware State Police on Millers Creek near Assawoman Bay.

Many children in Delaware suffer from the long-lasting impacts of severe burns.   The camp is aimed at helping these kids overcome the emotional and physical trauma often resulting from their injuries.

The idea for starting the camp originated about a decade ago with two Sussex County parents whose child had been injured in a fire.   They said burn camps in other states had proven successful at helping children in similar circumstances, but the closest camp available to Delawareans at the time was more than a four-hour drive away.

In response, the General Assembly passed a series of bipartisan measures to first investigate the camp’s feasibility; and later urging the Delaware State Fire Commission to establish it.   

State Representative Dan Short and State Senator George Bunting Jr. capped those efforts in 2009 by sponsoring a law authorizing the incorporation of a nonprofit organization for the purpose of operating the camp and accepting contributions.

Participation in the camp is free to eligible applicants.  It is staffed by nurses, firefighters, and volunteers from around the state.  Largely operated with donated food and services, the Burn Camp receives no state money.  

For the last eight years, the camp has provided a safe environment for juvenile burn victims.  The kids get to participate in boating, fishing, swimming, archery and many other activities.  

Just as importantly, the event lets these children bond, share stories, and know that they are not alone.

The Delaware Burn Camp is a shining example of the generosity of Delawareans, their willingness to help, and their ability to work cooperatively.  For more information on attending the camp, volunteering, or making a contribution, visit