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Delaware State Police warn of IRS phone scam

Delaware Public Media


You should be a little more fearful than usual if you receive a call from the IRS in the coming days.

Scammers have successfully swindled thousands of dollars from unsuspecting people in the First State by posing as tax collectors.

Gary Fournier, with the Delaware State Police said these scammers are "calling and advising the victim that they’re with the IRS and that if they don’t send money, they’ll be arrested and taken into custody for federal charges.”

These scammers are asking people to pay these phony back taxes using an iTunes gift card so they’re untraceable. And these scammers are swindling between $1,000 and $6,000 per grift.   

Delaware State Police have tried tracing the phone numbers but the scammers quickly disconnect them after receiving the money.  

And they’ve been relatively successful in the First State.

“Unfortunately, people are falling for these scams. They’re getting worried and they will go out and do what the caller will say,” Fournier said.   

The most recent successful scams happened in Sussex County, although these phony calls have occurred all over the state.

Fournier said you should hang up if you receive one of these calls and report the phone number to the IRS. The IRS will never call you without first sending a bill in the mail.   

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