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PJM suspends Artificial Island transmission line

Courtesy: PJM

Pennsylvania-based electric giant PJM has suspended its widely-criticized Artificial Island transmission project. The decision came Friday in a letter from the company’s board of directors.

Gov. Jack Markell praised the decision, saying the project would place an “unjust burden” on the state, resulting in higher electric rates for consumers and businesses.

"This decision is one that the State of Delaware welcomes," said Markell in a statement.  "The project as it was proposed would have placed an unjust burden on the state, resulting in higher electric rates for our consumers and businesses. I hope that upon further review, a more equitable solution can be identified.”

The proposed utility expansion would lay a transmission line across the Delaware River from New Jersey to Delaware to boost grid capacity to the region covered by PJM.

Delaware and Maryland opposed the project saying they would unfairly shoulder 90 percent of the cost while only receiving 10 percent of the benefit. In June, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission granted the two states’ request for a rehearing of its April decision denying their complaint over cost allocation.

PJM’s board has directed the company to perform a comprehensive analysis to determine a future course of action for the Artificial Island transmission line. The board said in a statement that it will know how to proceed when that analysis is complete in February.