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Delaware gun owners express support for terror watch list restrictions

James Morrison
Delaware Public Media
Beth Parsons at her store, Shooter's Choice, in Dover, DE.


Some Delaware gun owners support Senator Tom Carper’s call to ban people on the FBI’s terrorist watch list from owning firearms, but say new restrictions on assault rifles won’t prevent another mass shooting.   

The FBI could have stopped the gunman in Orlando from legally purchasing guns if you ask owner of Shooter’s Choice gun store and shooting range in Dover, Beth Parsons.    

“I have people that come in the store and get flagged everyday and get delayed to buy a firearm. So I don’t understand why the FBI couldn’t have flagged this guy after all the times they interviewed him. Why couldn’t it have just raised a red flag?" she said.

Delaware Public Media's James Morrison interviews Shooter's Choice gun store and shooting ranger owner Beth Parsons.

People who frequent Parson's business favor restrictions on gun ownership for anyone who has ever appeared on a terrorist watch list, according to Parsons.



She said 99 percent of legal gun owners she knows also support background checks.   

But Parson said her patrons oppose new restrictions on purchasing assault rifles. She said the regulations penalize responsible gun owners without stopping criminals from acquiring them.       

Parson expects a boost in business following lawmakers’ calls for tighter gun regulations.  

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