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Delaware Muslims condemn Orlando terror attack

By City of Orlando Police Department, via Wikimedia Commons
Scene outside Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida


Delaware’s largest Muslim organization is condemning a mass shooting in Orlando, Florida over the weekend that killed 49 people.

The gunman pledged allegiance to the radical Islamic group ISIS before embarking on a killing spree at a gay nightclub early Sunday morning.  

Islam is a religion of peace, according to Hassan Mageid, president of the Islamic Society of Delaware.

"We feel bad for all of these lost lives in the name of Islam. And we feel like some people have hijacked our religion." -Hassan Mageid, president of the Islamic Society of Delaware.

"There is no violence in Islam at all. We don’t kill people, we don’t harm anybody and whoever did these actions in the name of Islam, I think they are wrong.” he said.

Mageid offered his condolences Monday to families of the people killed in Sunday’s terrorist attacks. He’s asking Muslims in Florida to donate blood and money to help victims of the shooting.  

He said Delaware's Muslim community stands in solidarity with the LGBT community and anyone who has ever suffered an injustice.

Mageid hasn’t seen an anti-Muslim backlash in Delaware following other terrorist attacks and doesn’t expect one this time.

He's asking members of other faiths to visit the Islamic Society of Delaware in Newark this week to learn more about the religion.   


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