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"Mighty Mo" WWII gun put in place at Fort Miles

Photo courtsey: DNREC/Matt Cardona
"Mighty-Mo's" big gun moved to permanent resting place at Fort Miles in Cape Henlopen State Park

The gun dubbed “Mighty Mo” has found its final resting place at Fort Miles outside Lewes.

“Mighty Mo” is a veteran. It was there in Tokyo Bay, atop the U.S.S. Missouri, the day the Japanese surrendered in the Second World War. Almost 71 years later, “Mighty Mo” now sits at Fort Miles in Cape Henlopen State Park.

To Delaware State Parks Director Ray Bivens, bringing "Mo" to the First State is a testament to the Fort Miles’ importance in the Second World War.

“We envision a place, that when kids are in school learning about Delaware history, they can learn about blackout times at night and drills. They can learn about the German U-boat that surrendered here at the fort," Bivens said. 

That almost wasn't possible. Before the department and private donors banded together to bring “Mo” to Fort Miles, it was destined to be scrapped and sold. 

The gun is part of a new artillery park at the fort. At 70 feet long and weighing 120 tons, Bivens said “Mo” is the clear centerpiece.

The Delaware Parks Department plans to have the gun fully assembled and open to the public in the coming months. 

And the Fort Miles Historical Association continues to work to create a full museum on the site.

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