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Extended SEPTA service coming to Wilmington's train station

Tom Byrne/Delaware Public Media

SEPTA and DART recently announced they will increase weekday, late-night round trips into and out of Wilmington’s train station.

The extended schedule will now include train arrivals from Philadelphia  and departures from Wilmington to Philly after midnight.

Alex Coppadge is a spokesperson for Mayor Dennis Williams. She says the city is excited about the additional service.

"Once you create more options, it also creates more opportunities for people to engage in your city, to enjoy your city," she says.

Coppadge says she thinks the extended service will be a boon for Wilmington’s many commuters from outlying areas. She adds the new schedule will allow people to stay in the city later for dinner - and that shops are more likely to stay open later.


"Now people that might have wanted to linger a little bit more, and instead of just staying for happy hour, stay for dinner, it allows them to do that," she says.

Additional work week round trips will begin on December 14.


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