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Wilmington Skate Plaza renderings to be unveiled Saturday

Tom Byrne/Delaware Public Media

Saturday, officials in Wilmington will unveil renderings for their new skate plaza -- and host a Skate Jam for local skateboarders.


"It doesn’t look like a typical skateboard park where you’ve got all the obstacles," said city spokeswoman Alex Coppadge.

Instead,  the 18,000 square-foot park - to be called the Wilmington Skate Plaza - is meant to blend into its urban scenery and provide a welcoming space for families, skaters and, even outdoor yoga practitioners.


Coppadge says the idea for the 18,000 square-foot park is loosely based on Paine’s Park in Philadelphia.

"One of the things that the city has been focusing on is finding underutilized spaces in the city, and kind of bringing them to life and kind of giving them a new purpose," she said.

Ultimately, officials hope to create an outdoor space that can connect the Hedgeville and Browntown neighborhoods with the Riverfront.

The park is set to cost about a million dollars, with the state kicking in $750,000, and the city contributing the rest.

Coppadge said the park should be completed by next summer.