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Appeal denied for Wilmington cop shooter

Delaware Public Media

The Delaware Supreme Court has rejected an appeal for a mistrial by a man convicted of shooting a Wilmington police officer in the face in 2013.



In his opinion, Justice Collins Seitz Jr. acknowledged that state prosecutors withheld evidence from lawyers representing Frederick Gray.


But, Seitz writes the issue was brought up during his original trial in Superior Court and that afforded Gray’s lawyers extra time to prepare before cross-examining a key witness on the stand.


Testimony from his mother, Shana Gray, identifying him as the shooter was also deemed valid, as Seitz says she spoke to detectives voluntarily.


Gray was involved in a police chase two years ago and convicted of shooting officer Justin Wilkers in the face during the incident.


A judge sentenced him to 40 years in jail on top of a life sentence for attempted murder and two other charges in 2014.