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The Green - July 24, 2015


The First State won a legal battle in federal court last week when the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia overruled a Delaware District Court judge in a case involving Delaware Elections Disclosure Act.  Widener Delaware Law School dean Rod Smolla rejoins us this week to analyze the decision and its impact.

Analyzing ruling on Delaware Elections Disclosure Act

Over the last fifty years, there’s been reported declines of moths all over North America. And there’s no simple answer for what’s driving down their populations. As one listener told iSeeChange -- our project to answer your questions about the changes you see in your environment -- the sight of moths gathering around a backyard porch light is no longer as common as it used to be in Delaware.  So, Delaware Public Media’s science reporter Eli Chen went to find out what’s behind the dwindling moth populations in the First State.

iSeeChange: Declining moth populations in Delaware

In the 70s and 80s, Rehoboth Beach was a summer getaway for gay men - one of the few places at the time these men say they could truly be themselves.  In part one of a two-part History Matters – Anne Hoffman offer an oral history of the gay community in Rehoboth Beach from three men who where there and remain there.

History Matters: Delaware's Gay Beach

A documentary on The Kalmar Nyckel begins filming this summer. The story of the Swedish colonial ship’s transatlantic journey is being produced by a Pennsylvania based production company in partnership with the Kalmar Nyckel foundation.  In this week’s Arts Playlist, Delaware Public Media’s Cathy Carter talks with the documentary’s producer Nancy Glass.

Arts Playlist: Documentary to tell Kalmar Nyckel story

Earlier this week, the First State suffered through its first heat wave of the year – facing temps in the mid-90s and heat indexes in the triple digits.  Handling that heat is a bit complicated at Wilmington’s Brandywine Zoo – home to animals from various climates, including some not accustomed to this sweltering weather. In this week’s Enlighten Me – host Tom Byrne visited the Brandywine Zoo to ask zoo director Gene Peacock how they help their animals beat the heat.

Enlighten Me: Brandywine Zoo works to help its animals beat the heat

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