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Food Bank of Delaware CSA program provides fresh food to needy families


Low-income Delaware families who rely on the Food Bank for their meals often don’t get enough leafy greens and fresh fruit.

So the Food Bank of Delaware is teaming up with local farmers to provide affordable CSA’s, or shares of farmers’ crops, to families in need.


Those crops will change depending on what’s in season.

"In June they’ll typically get, like lettuce and different seasonal items, and then as the summer goes along, they’ll start to get Delaware fresh corn, peaches, tomatoes," says Food Bank of Delaware’s Communications Director, Kim Turner.


She says that typical Food Bank items include non-perishables, like peanut butter and canned goods, so the new CSA is adding a lot in the way of variety for needy families.

The initiative is affordable because when someone without income restrictions pays full price for a CSA - around $500 - part of their money will go toward helping a needy family get the same produce for a fraction of the price.

"And that enables us to subsidize shares for low income families. So for each sponsor share, we’re able to subsidize 2.5 shares for families in need," says Turner.

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